C.F.I. SYLLAB Inc & Associates

Our consultants unleash the hidden potential within you and your organization. We can positively enhance your adaptation and innovation skills.

Drawing from the leading practitioners of diverse fields (such as creativity, innovation, leadership, integral development, psychology, biology, neurology and self-discovery), we provide tailor-made programs, whether solely for the development of upper management, the company owner or for the entire organization on a local or global scale.

Meetings can be as required or on a regular basis, so you can benefit from our constantly evolving programs as you need them.

Open the SYLLAB™ Toolbox

Apply our continually updated SYLLAB tm creative kit of thinking techniques  and integral development and processes to accelerate personal and organizational change.

Use your internal positive potential to develop new products and services.

Re-invigorate your existing products and services so that they can attain their maximum potential.

Improve the internal environment so that people are motivated and play a creative role in change.

Improve the quantity and quality of your creative ideas.

Maximize integrally the development of your competencies and those of your teams.

Develop integrally the creative potential of your leadership, team and organization.

To learn more, contact our coach for innovation, president of CFI Syllab Inc. & Associates! Sylvie Labelle can be reached through email at syllab7 at icloud.com