What is it?

Our goal is to help our clients attain their objectives more quickly and efficiently, develop certain abilities and resolve challenges when they are confronted.

We will help you see different ways of doing things and guide you towards a different approach to leading others. We will offer an original perspective that lets you explore your emotions, beliefs and relationships so that you will be able to accomplish your tasks. We will supply the tools needed to make your life more complete. When necessary, we will come to your place of employment. The goal is to help you attain your full potential.

For more details, please click on coach’s role and mission


Who is it for?

  • If you want to accomplish something specific, whether professional or personal
  • Executive in a strategic context
  • Talented leader with some challenges
  • A manager who has been or will soon be promoted
  • Promising manager who wants to develop his/her potential
  • Manager who comes from a specialty (engineer, scientist, professional, etc.)
  • Someone who will take over the family enterprise
  • Team (Lencioni method and others)
  • Professional (lawyer, accountant, engineer, etc.)
  • Creative person


  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Overall leadership skills
  • Career/life transitions
  • Self-awareness/reflection
  • Better communication
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Real influence
  • Problem-solving
  • Mission, purpose, vision in life
  • Work/life balance
  • Work performance/productivity
  • Behaviour that affects efficiency
  • Trust building/development
  • Coherence between vision and behaviour
  • Isolation, feeling left out
  • Deficient people management skills
  • Difficulty to communicate ideas efficiently
  • Abrasive style
  • More important responsibilities
  • Promotion to a high risk and/or highly visible job
  • First experience managing a big group and/or department
  • Need more development to get promoted
  • Difficulty working with a certain person
  • Need to become more sensitive to cultural and/or political aspects of the organization
  • Need to learn to motivate
  • Career transition


The coaching process is made up of four steps.

  1. Setting the foundation
  2. Co-creating the relationship
  3. Communicating effectively
  4. Facilitating learning and results

For further details, please click on ICF professional coaching core competencies

Tools may also include questionnaires, 360 degree feedback, etc.

Member of the Coaching Federation

We respect the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics



“Hi Sylvie,

I wish to thank you for coaching me. You were very professional and produced extraordinary results. Thanks to you, I reached every objective that we set out to accomplish and I appreciate it tremendously. Thanks a million! Take care and see you soon.”



“Sylvie was able to create a professional, top-quality work environment that gave me confidence!”



“Through coaching sessions, Ms. Labelle guided me toward reaching my professional development objectives. I am now more able to be open to values and ways of thinking that are different from my own, to appreciate inter-personal relationships that allow me to facilitate professional discussions and to solve conflict situations. I strongly recommend her customized approach to anyone wanting to develop their management abilities.”

– S.M., senior manager, federal public service, Government of Canada


“After a few sessions with coach Sylvie Labelle, I was able to identify and implement courses of action to change a behaviour I had acquired long ago, and that had become “bothersome” in my management practice. Thanks to her ability to listen, her presence and her approach, Sylvie quickly set me at ease to broach subjects we sometimes try to avoid.”

– JF, senior manager, federal public service, Government of Canada




  • Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation
  • Integral Coaching Canada – Integral Coach™
  • Creativity Coaching Association
  • Concordia University – Professional and Personal Coach Certificate
  • School of Shadow Coaching – Advanced Coach Training



  Integral Coach™

  Certification in professional and personal coaching